A filed in April 2017 suggests that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 may sport an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

So we have seen the fingerprint scanner being position on the front and back of premium smartphones. Now this new technology seeks to make turn the from screen into a fingerprint scanner. 

Needless to say, this will free up some of the must needed smartphone slab for other technologies. The idea here is to make the smartphone as easy to use as possible.

According to the patent, pressure sensor will sit just below a regular screen display. Above the display is the touch sensor, the fingerprint sensor, and finally the cover glass.

The fingerprint sensor will be activated at a specific level of pressure. The patent also displays that using different areas of the screen to read the fingerprint will result in different actions and unlocked areas of the device.

Photo Source: Letsgodigital

The included example is accessing a private instant messenger chat, but it can also be programmed to work with a photo gallery. This is in addition to the regular features of authenticating downloads, making contactless payments, and accessing online banking.

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