According to a report; Google’s new flagship smartphones have been hit by complaints about the quality of the screen.

Some of the tech reviewers, after two weeks noticed, “ burn in” on the display, and the others noted “ muddy” discoloration on the screen.



Google took it very seriously and said it was investigating the matter.


Google attempted to break into the smartphone market that is dominated by Apple and Samsung. Google was hoping that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL might do just that. Last year ‘s Pixel did not do so well.




Screen burn –in happens when the same image sits on a display for a long period of time. If those image parts are not moving it will cause a burned-in display and will show a small image of them on the screen even you switch the screen.


So, if the screen burn-in was a permanent “burn” to the screen that would leave these Pixels showing navigation bar fade forever. On the other hand if it was a something temporary, where the display showing pieces of the pervious display contents, then eventually will go away as new imagery takes its place.


According to a report, this problem only appears to affect the larger 6-inch Pixel 2 XL and not the Pixel 2.


Sources have noted that screen may actually be suffering from an issue called image retention or “ghosting”.



According to users’ postings on Reddit forums, Google sent emails over the weekend to buyers advising that delivery of their Pixel 2 may be delayed as much as one month, to late November.


In the meantime the new follow complaints over a separate Google product, the Google Home Mini voice assistant.


It was discovered to have been listening in to conversations without users’ knowledge cause of a faulty button. “Google has disabled the feature.”

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