Recent Apple’s new devices event took place at the Steve Jobs Theatre inside Apple Park known as Spaceship campus.


The campus has been under construction for years and now some of the teams are in process of moving in but yet there was no mention of the building cost.

Now, BuildZoom a US based online remodeling marketplace has calculated the estimate on creation of the Apple Park cost.



 The website has shard its analysis and amount of money involved. It says that Apple used about $1,154,652,399 title over 1.1 billion. This is the cost of 15 structures placed inside the Apple Park. As we all know, building costs are never the same as estimation therefore real money count could be way higher than given estimate.   


I am sure that when Apple applied for building permit had to come up with a number that is available to public.


According to the permit out of 1.1 billion, Apple spent around $24 million for the Photovoltaic hood and outdoor dining facilities. And Steve Jobs Theater where the new iPhones were announced costs $179,437,885.



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