Dara Khosrowshahi the new chief executive of Uber will be in the UK on Tuesday for a meeting with (TfL).

He is hoping the negotiations will stop the imminent revoking of his company’s license to run its ride-sharing business in the Capital. TfL, backed by Mayor Sadiq Khan, announced Uber would no longer be allowed to operate, the service’s 3.5m users, and 40,000 drivers, were filled with shock.


This would have been avoided if Uber agreed with fingerprints as part of their background checks on drivers, as well as sharing more data with city officials.


It seems that Uber argued that the fingerprint database drivers would be cross-checked against would be ineffective but never expressed publicly that adding a layer checking process would make it more time consuming and cost effective to recruit drivers.  


However, consumers should not worry, there will always-another company to provide safer services. As when Uber left Austin another app stepped in to take Uber’s place. Ride Austin is one of them.

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