Tens of thousand of Catalan separatists have taken part in a final rally ahead of Sunday’s planned referendum on independence from Spain.

Carles Puigdemont the Regional President told the separatists’ crowd that Catalonia would be taking its first steps as a sovereign nation. But Government drafted thousands of extra police from across Spain to stop the ballot.


It is reported; Google has deleted an app used to direct voters to polling stations.

In fact phone users in the region tried to download the app from Google Play but get a message saying it is not available locally. Unfortunately, those who already downloaded the app still could use it.


According to a report the corporation said it was complying with a court order.

Catalonia a wealthy region with population of 7.5 million located in north –eastern Spain has its own language and culture, with a high degree of autonomy. The Spanish constitution does not recognize it as a separate nation.


Police across Catalonia ordered pubic buildings should not be used as polling stations on Sunday.  However, the Catalan government said on Friday: “ Friends, so that victory s definite, on Sunday let’s dress up in referendum and leave home prepared to change history.”   Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has pledged to stop the 2017 vote, saying it goes against the constitution, which refers to “ the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards”.

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