Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will be here 2018. Here is what we found out so far.

According to a report from South Korean publication ET News, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a superior camera that is capable of capturing 1,000 images per second. This would make for a level of video quality that far exceeds what is available by any other smartphone.

The possibility of 1,000 fps means super slow-motion video capture that is up to 40 times faster than regular current industry standard. This promises to be far better than the newly released iPhone X which has a capability of around 240 fps for 1080p videos. Sony’s XZ Premium smartphone falls short as well.

Samsung accomplishes this amazing feat thanks to a dedicated processor with on-board memory. This three-layer stacked imaging unit would be created by configuring a system semiconductor to function beneath the smartphone’s image sensor and then a DRAM chip is used to temporarily store data by connecting it with a silicon penetration electrode (TSV) technology.

The image sensor installed in the existing premium smartphones is a two-layer laminated structure composed of a sensor and a logic chip.

A DRAM chip that could temporarily store data would also be part of the S9’s camera setup. The mass production of the revolutionary chip would begin this coming November, according to a Forbes report.

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