The privacy and other implication concerns made Mattel decide against releasing its AI- powered “ babysitter”.

Campaigners say AI should not be used in place of real parenting, even if only briefly.


According to company, “Aristotle is designed with a specific purpose and mission to aid parents and use the most advanced AI –driven technology to make it easier for them to protect, develop, and nurture the most important asset in their home- their children.”


Aristotle features are automatically reorder or look for deals and coupons on baby consumables, formula and other baby products when it detects you are likely running low on the specific item”.


The company said it had decided not to sell Aristotle ”as part of an ongoing effort to deliver the best possible connected product experience to the consumer”.

US politicians also concern about the data being collected by device and asked for more detail about how it would be stored and shared.


Pressure being built up for the removal of the product, but it is not clear yet if Mattel will remove the product.  However the US –based Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood said:” Aristotle isn’t a nanny, it’s an intruder. Children’s bedrooms should be free of corporate snooping.”


Overall Smart devices for children being under microscope and claims are made that causing worries and concern.  

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

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