Facebook is geared up to enter in a new market.

The company that owns WhatsApp, Oculus, testing drones, is now said to bring TV events in mid August. According to a Bloomberg report, Mark Zuckerberg has already asked its video partners to submit their first episodes of spotlight shows.


Also, other media partners said that they have already completed short form videos.

In addition, it is reported that Facebook will be funding full-fledged TV-style shows, which could arrive later on the website. 


This sounds good and I am sure that Facebook will even show some good original shows. But people have many options such as, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and more. With so many options running the same stuff, adding one more to the list may not do so well unless it does better than watching GLOW on Netflix or Handmade’s Tale on Hulu, which are very good. 


Let us wait for the after facts report.

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