Reports are that Dyson is working on self-driving and electric vehicle projects.

Dyson is well known as a maker of some of best and most innovation project which include the widely popular Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaners.

Now the company rumored to be is dabbling into artificial intelligence, robotics and battery research at its new campus based in Hullavington, Wiltshire, located near to its Malmesbury headquarters.

The company has supposedly been garnering specialists from Silicon Valley to help in the development of its self-driving and all-electric footprint. According to a Dyson spokesperson, "We have historically recruited from a wide range of backgrounds as we are a broad church and are developing a multitude of technologies,".  With regards to the workforce size, Dyson confirmed, "We plan to recruit an extra 3,000 engineers and scientists by 2020 and are working with more than 40 universities globally."

Dyson does have plans for rechargeable battery technology as was discovered in their original patents licensed by their acquired company Sakti3. Sakti3 is a battery company from the University of Michigan which has several electric vehicle patents.

Source: IBT

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