Chuwi LapBook Air is now in pre-order stage with shipping starting in a couple of weeks.

The Chuwi LapBook Air is quite simply a MacBook Air look-alike.  It is now on pre-order for around $450 which is about half the price of the MacBook Air.

Chuwi  LapBook Air features a then bezel full lamination LCD and one glass solution (OGS) that is rated for 320 nits of brightness with a resolution or 1920×1080. This 14-inch laptop has a aluminum case and weighs in at 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg). These dimensions make it easy to handle and carry when on the go.

As far as the operating system goes, LapBook Air runs Windows 10, Of course, the MacBook can only run macOS, but the LapBook Air can run Windows 10, Ubuntu, and almost anything else you want to put on it.

The internal consist of the Intel Celeron N3450 coupled with 8 GB of RAM. The storage is a 128 GB SSD.  It this storage seems small to you, there is an expansion M.2 2242 expansion slot which supports a SATA SSD.

The official website offers a $50 coupon it you subscribe with email.  The coupon allows you to get $50 off the price of the LapBook Air.

There is also an active survey running on the website that is gathering information on the features that users on features like the best.
 Current survey results are as follows:
What Screen Resolution do you want to see ?
76.27% prefer 1920 x 1080
How much RAM is enough for you ?
83.09% prefer 8GB RAM
How big the screen is suitable for a notebook ?
67.85% prefer 14.1-inch
Which kind of memory expansion do you like ?
91.02% prefer M.2 SSD
What CPU are you willing to pay ?
75.36% prefer Core i3, i5, and i7
How much ROM is enough for you ?
65.34% prefer 256G ROM
What operating system do you prefer on your notebook ?
76.99% prefer Window 10 OS
Is back lighting on the keyboard necessary for a notebook ?
83.52% said Yes

Here are the SPECS:
Chuwi LapBook Air
Processor Intel Celeron N3450
Operating System Windows 10 S and most others
Display 14-inch
Memory 8 GB
Storage 128 GB eMMC
Expansion for M.2 SSD
Weight 1.3 kg

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