The bots are becoming popular over the week, they fit into our daily activities. The all are available on Facebook Messenger, which can be used for people who use their phone for private and business use.

One can say that Technology has made use more productive in our daily activity. These bots are now getting popular as of last week, you can try them out and see if they best fit into your busy schedule.

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Food Maker: available on Facebook Messenger

With this bot, you can search for restaurants within your area, also you get to read stories on innovation and food. Additionally you can get to try food recipes.


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Rubio: Available on Facebook Messenger

Rubio aids in increasing one’s business consultation and consolidate more does everything someone need to automate to their Facebook page such as, replying to messages and comments, customer management, live reports, schedules, and a 24/7 autopilot.

Photo source: Botlist


YouTube Dj: available on Facebook Messenger, Web

YouTube Dj is a free online console that let you mix song on YouTube. It allows you to create a name or join a room to start mixing your songs. Also, it allows you and your friends to add songs in real-time to a playlist of your choice.

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