Do you love emoji? Then the new Apple iOS 11.1 is just what you need.

Apple has just revealed that the new Apple iOS 11.1 update will be loaded with hundreds of new emojis. So if you love emoji, emoji loves your too.  (There’s an emoji that says “I Love You”.
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Photo Source: Apple
The new emoji are created to reveal great detail and are adapted from approved characters in Unicode 10. There will be about 56 new emoji added. The new iOS 11.1 update will also include characters announced on World Emoji Day like Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Breastfeeding, Zombie, Person in Lotus Position and new food items such as Sandwich and Coconut.
Halloween is here so here are a few emoji for this season.

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Photo Source: Apple

Also included in the update is the Love-You Gesture, designed after the “I love you” hand sign in American Sign Language. Winter Comes soon so here are a few for that season.

Photo Source: Apple
Currently, there is no indication as to when Apple will release iOS 11.1 to consumers, but the beta version of iOS will available next week.

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